While the way we conduct our in-person appointments has changed in response to COVID-19, Hoskinson Orthodontics is excited to announce some new and innovative changes that are happening.

We’ve recently integrated 3D printing technology into our practice, and we are looking very forward to how this technology will enhance the way we provide orthodontic treatment to all of our patients across Scotia, NY, and the surrounding communities!

No More Gooey or Gaggy Mold Impressions!

If you’ve ever had braces, or if you or your child is currently undergoing orthodontic treatment, you might recall the mold impressions made of your teeth or your child’s. These impressions replicate a person’s teeth before treatment and allow us to measure and customize braces, retainers, Invisalign, and other orthodontic appliances for the best and most accurate fit.

The compound material used to make these traditional mold impressions is similar to putty. This material goes in two sets of trays that are separately applied to the top and bottom teeth. Each impression needs about one minute to harden. The process isn’t painful, but it can be uncomfortable for some patients.

How 3D Printing Technology Works

With our office’s new 3D printer, there’s no more need for these gooey and gaggy impressions! We now use an intraoral scanner to measure a patient’s smile and import the digital measurements to our CAD software. Our 3D printer then produces a precise and customized resin model of the patient’s teeth. Meanwhile, the patient can sit comfortably throughout this quick and seamless process.

We also take these digital impressions after a patient has their braces removed or completed Invisalign treatment. Our 3D printing technology allows us to yield better-fitting and comfortable retainers that will help patients transition into retainer therapy and maintain their new smiles for years to come.

Have a Safe, Healthy, & Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving in 2020 will look and feel very different compared to previous years. We understand these changes can be difficult to cope in some children. We invite our families to learn more about how to teach adaptability to kids and apply these positive practices to the new way of celebrating Thanksgiving and the holidays.

If you have any questions about our new 3D printing technology, we encourage you to reach out to us. Our staff is happy to explain the technology, the process, and the results you or your child can expect.

On behalf of the Hoskinson Orthodontics team, we want to wish all of our patients and their families a safe, healthy, and happy Thanksgiving!