Myths are stories passed down across generations; grandmother to grandson, and subsequently every single one of grandson’s classmates. These tales create a fictitious narrative, which becomes widely understood and believed — this is why when we think of getting braces, or orthodontic treatment in general, cliché and outdated visuals likely come to mind.

It’s critical to consider how far the field of orthodontics has evolved and advanced. If you’re considering treatment, remember: these aren’t your grandmother’s braces.

At Hoskinson Orthodontics in Scotia, NY, we strive to keep patients informed about the innovative possibilities of today’s orthodontics. Let’s put these myths about orthodontic care to rest, so your smile can come to the surface!

Myth: Only Middle & High Schoolers Seek Orthodontic Treatment

Fact: Everyone Deserves the Benefits of a Confident Smile, No Matter Their Age!

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting 6th grade, graduating college, starting your career, working towards a promotion, or about to retire; it’s never too late to get a smile you love! When consulting with a patient, age isn’t a concern, nor is it considered. Our biggest priority is your overall oral health and your confidence — we’re here to help you achieve your goals, whether you’re 15 or 50!

While providing more expedient results to those in their adolescence (as their jawbones are still developing), there isn’t a point in one’s life where orthodontic treatment becomes ineffective — there’s never a time when braces won’t work. As we age, our teeth do too, creating concerns or reasons to strive for self-improvement.

If you’re an adult who wants a straighter smile, start by scheduling an appointment with us. After an initial exam and x-ray, Dr. Hoskinson will go over the results and help you make an informed decision about whether treatment is the right decision for you at this stage.

Myth: I Can Visit My Dentist for Orthodontic Treatment

Fact: A Trained Orthodontist Is Your Best Bet for Getting the Smile You Want!

While some general dentists offer orthodontic services to their patients with braces or Invisalign, only an experienced professional (like Dr. Hoskinson) has received additional years of training at an accredited residency and can provide the necessary level of treatment you need! Taking shortcuts could potentially cause permanent damage to your smile and mouth. It isn’t worth the risk!

Myth: Orthodontics Are Purely for Cosmetic Concerns

Fact: A Great Smile Is Just One Benefit!

Orthodontic care does much more than people give it credit for! Braces and other orthodontic treatments make it easier for people to chew, speak, and minimize the risk of developing gum diseases and decay. In addition, braces prevent wear of the teeth and prevent pain. While many seek treatment to feel better about their smile, orthodontics delivers perks you can see and feel.

Myth: Braces Are Attractive & Unappealing

Fact: Braces Today Are Far Less Noticeable & Far More Comfortable!

The 21st-century has seen plenty of innovation, and orthodontics is no exception. Today’s traditional metal braces have shifted in look and function — the brackets are much smaller, and the wiring is much thinner. Due to advancements, you can think of your braces as less of an appliance and more of an accessory.

Catering to the needs and goals of each specific patient, Hoskinson Orthodontics proudly offers a variety of orthodontic treatment options, including:

  • Wilson 3D® Mechanics are a group of prefabricated “fixed-removable” modules that can be interchangeable and provide movement such as arch development, single tooth movement, or maintenance for space.
  • Carriere® Motion 3D aligns the jaw and moves teeth into better positioning, making the straightening process more direct and quicker. Patients often choose aligners because there is no need for surgery, extractions, or ugly, bulky devices.
  • Invisalign offers all the features of braces without the appearance of an appliance. Virtually invisible, Invisalign has become the most popular method of straightening teeth.

Myth: Orthodontic Treatment Takes Too Much Money & Time

Fact: We Provide Efficient, Cost-Effective Care

Frequently, people put off orthodontic treatment because they feel as if they’ll be stuck with braces forever — but that isn’t the case! Depending on your situation, the process could take only a few months. While complex cases require more patience, Dr. Hoskinson strives to deliver exceptional results in the shortest amount of time.

Others may neglect orthodontic care because they don’t think getting the care they need is within their budget. At Hoskinson Orthodontics, we offer several options (such as payment plans and insurance/flex benefit) to help patients receive the excellent care they deserve. The total cost of treatment is dependent on a variety of factors, however, we’ll work with you to establish a payment option that works best for you and your family.

Myth: An Improved Smile Can Change Your Life

Fact: An Improved Smile Can Change Your Life

Now that we’ve proven that common misconceptions about orthodontic care are either outdated or incorrect, it’s time to take care of your smile. Experience the life-changing results of orthodontic care by scheduling an appointment at Hoskinson Orthodontics today!