A vacation; how exciting! Vacations are a time to unwind, relax, and enjoy the sun. It can be easy to forget about essential routines and enjoy yourself, but it is imperative to care for your braces! Hoskinson Orthodontics made a list of 5 tips and tricks to care for your braces on vacation and ensure that they stay clean and healthy during your trip!

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1. Schedule an Orthodontic Appointment Before Leaving

Having a checkup before leaving town is a great way to ensure that your vacation doesn’t have any orthodontic mishaps. At your appointment, your orthodontist will make any necessary adjustments and check your brackets and wires to ensure they are firmly in place.

2. Pack the Essentials

Hoskinson Orthodontics recommends packing a dental travel kit to ensure that your teeth stay as clean and healthy as they can on vacation. Carrying this dental travel kit will help you be prepared for dental emergencies without panicking in the middle of a break. We recommend bringing:

Fluoride Toothpaste
Fluoride Mouthwash
Orthodontic Wax
Interdental Picks
Small mirror
Over-the-counter pain medication

Pro Tip!

When packing your toothbrush, make sure it is in a ventilated case or bag. This case prevents bacteria from building up! If you don’t have a ventilated bag, have no fear; make sure that your toothbrush is dry before putting it away.

3. Maintain your Oral Care Routine

You’re thrust out of your routine and into relaxation when you’re on vacation. While exciting, it is crucial to maintain your oral care routine. Brush and floss regularly, even when it seems tempting to skip it. Neglecting your dental care routine for even a few days can negatively impact your oral health in the long run.

4. Watch What You Eat!

Avoid orthodontic catastrophe by keeping away from crunchy, sticky, and hard foods on your trip. We understand that eating foods you don’t typically consume on vacation are tempting, but it is essential to continue eating foods approved by your orthodontist. Foods we recommend avoiding include:

Crunchy foods – nuts, potato chips, popcorn
Sticky foods – gum, Laffy taffy, gummy bears
Hard foods – apples, corn on the cob, crunchy vegetables

5. Use a Mouthguard

A vacation typically contains fun physical activities. To prevent a bracket or wire from popping loose, Hoskinson Orthodontics recommends using a mouthguard to protect your teeth. If you are interested in creating a custom mouthguard for your child, contact us to learn more!

What if an Emergency Arises?

When emergencies happen, it can be hard to know what your next move should be. Do you need an orthodontist right away, or could you wait until home? The best advice we can offer is to call (518-372-3424) your orthodontist! During the call, explain the problem, and your orthodontist will know the best next step.

Most Importantly, Enjoy Your Trip!

Braces are a great way to improve your smile, but they require extra care and attention. If you’re planning a vacation, it’s essential to keep your braces in mind. Keep these five tips and tricks in mind when planning a vacation with braces. Contact Hoskinson Orthodontics to learn more about braces, benefits, and treatment options today!