Your physical and emotional well-being don’t just go hand in hand ‒ they can also play off each other in ways that can be hard for people to identify.

Whether you’ve been dreading the shorter and darker days, the holidays, or the back-to-school grind, there is never a wrong time to do some self-evaluation.

This October, Hoskinson Orthodontics invites you to celebrate both National Orthodontic Health Month and Emotional Wellness Month together with us. We believe there are many ways to take stock of your orthodontic health and that there are many ways your emotional wellness can have an overwhelmingly positive effect on your overall well-being.

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Orthodontics & Mental Health

Although there are plenty of ways that crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can negatively affect your overall oral health, it is not the most significant selling point for orthodontic treatments. Instead, many people turn to orthodontics due to the way they view their own smiles.

Unfortunately, even if you follow the American Dental Association’s recommendation of twice-daily brushing and flossing to the letter, no amount of either of those activities will fix a crooked smile. This realization can cause feelings of frustration or even anger that has no direct or immediately visible outlet to offer catharsis.

The fact that, even though you had done everything right up to this point, you are still stuck needing orthodontic treatment will most likely sit wrong with most people, and it should. It is genuinely unfair and, at times, aggravating reality.

However, in our journey to becoming better, healthier people, it is crucial to consider what we are working towards to avoid losing sight of the end goal.

Keeping Everything In Check

Keeping a close eye on your overall health is a key factor in assuring a positive long-term outcome. As stated above, even the most unassuming actions and thoughts have a tendency to sneak up on you in ways you wouldn’t have imagined. In a different light, however, we may also use this to our advantage.

Hacking Your Brain Through Good Orthodontic Health

Imagine this: It is midway through your day, you run your tongue over your teeth and a realization hits you. You didn’t brush this morning.

It’s happened to all of us, and it’d be a safe bet to assume we all have the same kinds of reactions. Paranoia may set in and all you can think about is if the person you’re chatting with can smell your breath. You may feel embarrassed about how you could have overlooked such an important part of everybody’s morning routine. In that short, and, in the grand scheme of things, massively insignificant moment, you are now entirely too far in your own head.

Now yes, there are plenty of people who can brush off a moment like this, but if it’s already been a rough day, month, or year for you in regards to your emotional health, it can be hard to pull yourself out of that place.

If only you had just remembered to brush.

This is just one example of how establishing and maintaining strong oral health routines can have a positive impact on your emotional wellness. Not only do these routines help you avoid situations like the one listed above, but they also directly correlate to the way in which you view yourself and the quality of your overall self-esteem.

Self-Care & Orthodontic Health

You may be wondering, “Well, Hoskinson Orthodontics, if a straight smile can boost my emotional health and well-being, can I improve my smile by practicing more self-care?”

Of course, you can ‒ and there’s no better time than National Orthodontic Health Month and Emotional Wellness Month to understand the correlation between your smile and mental health.

Creating Positive Routines

Creating and maintaining positive routines is essential to ensuring your continued emotional and oral health.

One great way to do this is to set up a self-care routine. Self-care refers to anything that you do throughout the day to ensure and protect your continued happiness. You do this by doing things for yourself. This can be anything from taking a mental-health day from an overwhelming school or work schedule to treating yourself to your favorite meal or a day at the spa.

What is orthodontic and oral care if not a form of self-care then? In the moments throughout your routine that you address your orthodontic and oral health, you are not just encouraging long-lasting health benefits, although that is a plus. Through maintaining a self-care routine, you are also, with the right perspective, reminding yourself that your body is worth caring for, and being proud of.

The Benefits of Maintaining Routines

When you take time out of your day to do something solely for the good of yourself, you may find that some of the things that once took such a heavy toll on your mood begin having a smaller impact. The great thing about making these practices a dedicated routine is that this effect will compound on itself the longer you stick to it.

At the end of the day, understanding that you have the knowledge to not only take care of yourself but also to make yourself happy breeds confidence and self-assuredness. Much in the same way that that smile you’re working so hard on will someday do for you as well.

Orthodontics & Emotional Health: An Unlikely Duo

We should always be active and aware of our orthodontic health and emotional well-being. By viewing these seemingly unrelated things through such a wide lens, we can better understand how our smiles and emotional well-being affect one another.

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From everyone here at Hoskinson Orthodontics, we wish you a happy National Orthodontic Health and Emotional Well-Being Month!