It’s back to school time… but this school year is unlike any other we have seen before. With many schools in Scotia, NY, and Schenectady County offering hybrid learning programs, many students are experiencing a mix of excitement and apprehension about returning to school.

Change can be hard, and it can be especially challenging for students, parents, and teachers at this time. That’s why Hoskinson Orthodontics is here to explore how to teach adaptability to kids.

Why Adaptability Matters

Change is part of life, but we can’t always predict when it will happen in our lives. We may not always be prepared for change, nor can we always control the circumstances or outcomes. But by striving to be more adaptable individuals, we can better manage our wellness and happiness during challenging times.

Change the Way You Think & React to Life

How do you teach adaptability? For parents, it all boils down to how we model our behaviors. How do we react to change or challenging situations? A child’s behavior in the same exact or similar situations can be a reflection of their parents’ reactions.

Fear and self-limitation can paralyze our ability to adapt successfully. Some of us may struggle to step outside our comfort zones. What we do have is choice, and we can choose how we react to change and challenging events in our lives.

Admitting when you’re scared or uncertain is okay; but choosing to trudge forward and do your best can show children what it means to have a positive mindset even when times are tough.

Embrace Change

Change can present new opportunities in our lives. When you are afraid or frustrated, ask yourself what you have to gain from the situation. It may be challenging, but by enduring it and getting through it, you can potentially prove a lot about your own character.

The more adaptable and willing we are to challenge ourselves, the more we can learn and grow.

How Has Hoskinson Orthodontics Adapted to New Changes?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hoskinson Orthodontics has had to adapt and make changes in how we operate. What can you expect at your next orthodontist appointment?

Our planning and adaptability have allowed us to continue seeing patients safely and efficiently. With safety guidelines still in place, our office has been operating at 60% capacity, requiring us to be creative with scheduling and how we see and create social distance between patients. We may have cut down on the number of patients we see in a day, but we are flexible and willing to work around your schedule. We’ve also started using Zoom in place of in-office treatment conferences.

Our staff is routinely staying up to date on the latest safety guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control. We utilize our Lighthouse recall system so we get text notifications when patients have arrived and are waiting in the parking lot; this helps us cut down on the number of people who are in our building at any given time. We also monitor the symptoms of our staff and patients and give temperature checks to all those who enter our facility.

Understanding How to Teach Adaptability to Kids

There is a lot of uncertainty and fear surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. By preparing children for change and teaching them how to be adaptable, we can all ride this out better, together.

At Hoskinson Orthodontics, we want our families to be well and healthy ﹣ and a large part of wellness is lowering our stress levels and making sure we’re taking time to enjoy what matters most. Check out these back to school & home activity tips for the entire family to enjoy!