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Our Orthodontic Treatments

At Hoskinson Orthodontics, we treat patients when it is the best time to intervene. In youngsters this allows the leveraging of robust growth. In pre-teens and teenagers this means keeping treatment to a concise purposeful timeline. For adults this can involve comprehensive treatment or limited treatment depending upon treatment goals. Each patient is unique and this is individually respected. Contact our office in Scotia, NY, for more information.

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3D printing for orthodontics, Scotia NY

3D Printing Technology & Impressions

We have integrated 3D printing technology in our in-house orthodontic lab. Digital dentistry has transformed our orthodontic lab workflow and allows us to efficiently deliver precise fitting orthodontic appliances like retainers and other orthodontic appliances. Forget about gaggy impressions — our patient’s are scanned intraorally with our digital scanner. This scan is imported into dental CAD software and used to print a resin model of your teeth.

Early Intervention & Treatment

Early orthodontic treatment begins around age 7 to 10. This is the perfect time for an evaluation. Dr. Hoskinson  will examine your child and determine if expansion or other treatments are needed to help jaws develop properly for bite and accommodation of adult teeth. It is important to understand that early intervention is not always necessary or appropriate.

We may recommend orthodontic records and images of your child’s teeth and jaws. These records will be used to determine whether or not to pursue early treatment.

Dr. H may propose a resting period to allow the child’s permanent teeth to come in without restriction.

By monitoring progress and making early corrections, we may be able to avoid problems later.

Adolescent Treatment

Most of our patients fall into the adolescent category. During the teen years there is robust growth. Treatment during these years is advantageous to leverage these developmental changes especially during a time of increasing psycho-social awareness.

Adult Treatment

We know that starting the orthodontic process can be intimidating for adults. That is why we are happy to provide multiple orthodontic options. It’s never too late for braces or clear aligners like Invisalign. Our adult patients may come to see us to treat abnormal wear patterns, deep overbites, anterior open bites, difficult to clean areas, or to straighten misaligned teeth. They leave us with enviable smiles!

Patients of all ages love Hoskinson Orthodontics! 

Types of Braces

Types of Braces

Our patients wear traditional metal braces, clear ceramic braces, or clear aligners. In some cases, we may suggest Wilson 3D® Mechanics  or Carriere® Motion 3D for aligning a bite before braces or Invisalign®.



After braces, we provide retainers to maintain the beautiful smile we’ve accomplished. Wearing your retainer nightly will keep your teeth in proper alignment.

Other Services

Other Services

There are some very complex and difficult orthodontic treatments that require coordination with surgery. Dr. Hoskinson works with highly specialized oral surgeons to develop and implement this specific but uncommon treatment strategy(orthognathic surgery).

Collaboration With Your Dentist & Other Dental Specialists

There are some very complex and difficult orthodontic treatments that may involve impacted teeth, missing teeth, sleep apnea, or jaw asymmetries. Hoskinson Orthodontics takes pride in coordinating with your general dentist and other dental specialists to develop and implement an effective treatment plan.

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