Many people don’t realize that not every orthodontist is board certified. In fact, only 58% currently are–which means there is little more than a 50/50 chance that your orthodontist is actually certified. At Hoskinson Orthodontics, we believe in providing the ultimate patient experience, which is why our own Dr. Hoskinson is proud to be board certified. But what does that mean exactly? We’re here to lay out all the info for you!

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What Does It Mean To Be Board Certified?

According to the American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) itself, “achieving board certification is one step in a long and intensive educational experience to making a lifelong commitment to elevating the quality of patient care.” To become board certified by the ABO, a doctor must complete both a written and a clinical examination. Additionally, certification is not permanent–each member must take a renewal exam every ten years. This ensures that they stay up-to-date on best practices and the latest technologies.

What Makes a Board Certified Orthodontist Different?

When an orthodontist is ABO board certified, they are that much more qualified to provide critical care with attention to detail. This will give you peace of mind that your doctor is committed to continuously bettering their practice, and typically means they have a positive bedside manner. Since they are re-evaluated every ten years, their skills remain fine-tuned and aligned with the latest technology. You are getting the best of the best!

Get to Know Dr. Hoskinson

Dr. Hoskinson has been a practicing orthodontist in the Scotia, NY, area for over 30 years. He is committed to providing the best possible care while maintaining a comfortable and fun environment for his patients. Dr. H takes extra time with each patient to discuss their smile goals, diagnostic testing results, and overall treatment plan. His patients are truly his family!

On top of his certification from the ABO, Dr. H has achieved many awards and certifications. In 2018, he was awarded “Best Dentist” by Capital Region Living, along with “Best of the Best Dental Office” by The Gazette. Visit our website to check out all of his fantastic credentials!

”My practice philosophy is not to meet our patients’ expectations but to exceed our patients’ expectations! For every patient, at each visit, we strive to provide the finest orthodontic care in an atmosphere that is both professional and fun. And boy, can we have fun!!”

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